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About us

Hatom Labs supports development teams in creating and sustaining meaningful initiatives within the Hatom ecosystem.
Hatom Labs is an investment entity dedicated to developing the Hatom ecosystem and the associated projects that benefit the network's community. The objective of Hatom Labs is to support and enhance the development and expansion of the Hatom Network through financial and technical contributions in the form of Grants, incubations, and endorsements to Individual developers and teams that contribute to the growth of the Hatom Network. Hatom's primary mission is to give business and technical assistance to organizations and initiatives that provide meaningful value and contribute to the long-term and sustainable growth of the Hatom network and Defi.


Hatom Labs mainly supports and funds DeFi initiatives around the Hatom ecosystem. Hatom Labs is dedicated to assisting fast-moving, talented teams that favorably affect the DeFi space and help create a positive ecosystem. As an effective contributor, Hatom Labs is committed to shouldering the most meaningful initiatives through its several services and features.